Catalyst 3550 и подсчет трафика.

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Catalyst 3550 и подсчет трафика.

Сообщение Zigzug » 08 дек 2003, 17:00


Обнаружил на в разделе про Cat3550:

Unsupported CLI Commands
This appendix lists some of the command-line interface (CLI) commands that are displayed when you enter the question mark (?) at the Catalyst 3550 switch prompt but are not supported in this release, either because they are not tested, or because of Catalyst 3550 hardware limitations. This is not a complete list. The unsupported commands are listed by software feature and command mode.
ip flow-aggregation
ip flow-cache
ip flow-export
ip accounting
ip route-cache
А что вместо них? Как тогда считать траффик? Только по SNMP?


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